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Elizabeth Schuh

I also had a less than satisfactory experience with Burton Auto. I took my car there for an oil change in September before I went off island, since I was overdue for an oil change. The day after my oil change, I took the Tahlequah Ferry to Tacoma. As I was driving south on I-5 my low oil light came on. I exited at the next exit, bought a quart of oil and poured it in. After arriving at my destination, a pool of oil formed under my car (I hadn’t noticed the leak on my gravel drive at home). I took the car back to Burton Auto the next day and watched them remove the cover from underneath my car to access the oil drain. Oil had collected in this cover because they had failed to tighten the oil drain plug. They told me they tightened the plug and proceeded to screw the cover back on the underside of the car without cleaning it at all, despite the fact that it was filled with oil. They told me they topped off the oil, although I did not witness this. The next day, driving into town, my low oil light came on AGAIN, confirming that they did not add any oil. So, I paid for an oil change that ran out on the highway, damaged my car, and I had to purchase and put in two quarts of oil myself. They told me they also topped off all the other fluids, but a quick check confirmed that was not the case. Shortly before I had my oil changed there, they recommended a $1,500 repair to my husband’s car – you can bet we won’t be having that work done at Burton Auto.