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      Bob Fishkin

      I pulled up to the four way stop in town and the car in front of me as well as the one to my right pulled up and stopped at the same time. A woman walking up to the crosswalk across from me didn’t stop and just started walking without looking at any of the cars. As she walked half way, another car to my left stopped and waited for her since they wanted to go left.

      All three of us were waiting for this woman to cross the street and the car to my right, who was free to go, was hesitating.
      There we all were, four cars at the four way stop waiting for this woman to cross and no one wanting to go.
      Finally she finished cross and went on to the crosswalk to my left holding the other two cars up again. I went ahead and made my move as the car in front of me waiting. They were turning left.

      I think they eventually all made their turn, but I didn’t stick around to wait for it.

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      Donna Davis

      This is funny. I have had this happen before and people just walk on the crosswalk without looking so often. The worst is when families start to cross in front of a car pulling forward because it’s their turn. One kid running ahead and another lagging behind making it a slow process.

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