Veterinary Assistant (Vashon)

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Nestled in the picturesque setting of Vashon Island, Fair Isle Animal Clinic is extending an invitation to passionate individuals for the role of Veterinary Assistant. This full-time role, spanning 30-40 hours a week with some Saturday duties, is set against the serene backdrop of the island.

Desired Attributes:

  • Previous experience in a veterinary setting.
  • Expertise in humane animal care and monitoring.
  • Stellar communication skills combined with a professional demeanor and innate courtesy.
  • A genuine affection for animals, complemented by a good sense of humor.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Crafting a safe and hygienic habitat for all patients.
  • Administering treatments and overseeing the wellness of in-patient animals under the guidance of DVMs.
  • Assisting the medical staff during clinical and diagnostic procedures, which includes digital radiography and lab operations.
  • Upholding clinic cleanliness, managing tools, and overseeing laundry.
  • Facilitating client interactions, from appointment setups to conveying pet care knowledge, always with a cheerful disposition.
  • Handling administrative tasks like drafting estimates and processing invoices.

Given the environment, candidates should be comfortable around specific cleaning agents, diverse smells, and dealing with animal excrement. A valid COVID-19 vaccination is a non-negotiable requisite.

While the clinic predominantly serves cats and dogs, they have a mixed clientele. However, training is provided for unfamiliar species, with the exception of horses.

Application Process: Prospects should forward their resume and a uniquely crafted cover letter. The latter should delve into a hypothetical scenario: If a close relative’s dog were to suffer from sudden neck pain, elucidate on the caliber of service, you’d envision at a vet clinic. Focus on minute details, emphasizing what you’d anticipate from the staff.

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